Unveiling plaques of gratitude from Chinese descendants to Te Roroa and Te Rarawa, 2013

In May 2013 Chinese descendants presented plaques to Te Roroa and Te Rarawa thanking them for the care of their ancestors’ remains.  The plaques, in Chinese, English and Māori, read:

”With gratitude of the New Zealand descendants of the Poon Fah and Jung Seng districts to the iwi of this area for respecting and caring for the remains of the Chinese washed ashore following the sinking of the SS Ventnor on 28th October 1902. May their souls now rest in peace in your rohe.”

4 May 2013, Waipoua Forest, Te Roroa’s Matatina marae

5 May 2013, Mitimiti, Te Rarawa’s Matihetihe marae

5 May 2013, Kohukohu, Blackspace Gallery – Ching Ming exhibition opening in honour of SS Ventnor history

6 May 2013, visit to Opononi sand dunes to pay respects to those lost at sea