Hokianga journey 2013

Visiting Matatini marae, Kawerua (Te Roroa)

On 4-6 April 2013 (Ching Ming festival / 清明節), we will be travelling to the Hokianga to pay our respects to iwi and to our Chinese village ancestors.

When the SS Ventnor sunk in 1902, the remains were being returned to families in China. Many of the Chinese bones were washed up on the Hokianga coastline and were interred and cared by the people of Te Roroa and Te Rarawa.

Until now the dead have not had the traditional offerings that are due to them.

At Ching Ming 2013, we will be making the traditional offerings at or near the sites where the bones were interred. We will also be unveiling memorial plaques at the three marae /sites.

These plaques will be our thanks to the people of Te Roroa and Te Rarawa.

Paul White facilitates the discussion at Matihetihe marae, Mitimiti at our last visit in 2009 (Te Rarawa).

The trip will comprise ceremonies (拜祭 bai jei) and plaque unveilings at the three marae sites, and a passenger ferry ride (weather permitting) to the site of the SS Ventnor wreck (10 miles off shore) where descendants of the village ancestors might like to burn incense, and/or ‘feed’ the ancestors with ‘jung’ etc.

  • Kawarua April 4th
  • Mitimiti April 5th
  • Omapere April 6th

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